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Создан: 01.02.2006
Написано: 5087


Понедельник, 17 Апреля 2006 г. 03:24 + в цитатник
В колонках играет - Das EFX feat. Mobb Deep - Microphone Masters
Настроение сейчас - Креативное

Artist: Head_Coach
Song: You know the God

Ay Yo! Head_Coach's bout to get kickin', and i need another sucka... Are you up for a beef or what?

H to the E to the A to the D,
I know y’all fuckers do listen to me
This is the voice, live up from spb
Fuck the obstacles, I be who I be

I give a fuck bout your albums - I reign this shit
Niggas from the block know - Who bang that shit
Too many snitches dead - Because I slay that shit
I do the music - You pay for my shit
Coward ass pussies - They eat my shit
Long beach honeys - Dream of my shit
Only the best beatmakers can have my shit
Tackle my style and end up in shit

You versus me, z like beyonce battling rakim
My chicks are the baddest, stop frontin’ on ‘dem
My flow is tight like r.kelly up in his teens
You want to sell one mil?
Give it up, I’ll break your dream
Homie, this ain’t joking - this city is shook
Lots of girls who wanna place you on the hook
Lots of cops, most of them crook
U gotta have good nerves, to cope and to brook
So if you wanna battle - make sure you can look
I will have no hesitation in having your life took
You know why? Between you and me is a decent gap
I am the Head Coach, you know the god of rap.

Now bitch, check ma style and the way i record it
Do you wanna hate? You can't. You can't even ignore it
Remember the first time that i looked on you
You said "You’re so cool" and that was true
You said "Seems like you’ve been born in S-P-B"
And that’s the only reason i've teached you rapping for free
You love 2pac but dislike the Mobb here
So u stand on first place while i've done that and been there
Nigga, manofakt, i haven't read ya shit yet
So you are still in danger bout some slugz u can get
And by the way, I’ll stay for rapping tonite
So i will teach ya what’s a real rap like
You know why? Between you and me is a decent gap
I am the Head Coach, you know the god of rap.

I can't hear you? What's your name?
Ya know kid, dat' name sounds pretty insane
So if ya wanna cry, cry now cuz wheneva
If you started war, you allies cry together
Hey bitch, stop takin' other people's name
You'll stay looser despite their fame
You know why? It is still that gap…
Still Head Coach. Still the god of rap.

 (267x400, 19Kb)

role-model   обратиться по имени Понедельник, 17 Апреля 2006 г. 23:20 (ссылка)
типа h to the omo
а ты записываешься?
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Head_Coach   обратиться по имени Вторник, 18 Апреля 2006 г. 00:11 (ссылка)
Ну было раньше. Щас уже нет.
Нету времени. Работа, учёба, все дела...
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